Materials for working with Laser Toolheads

The amount of available materials is overwhelming, so below you can find materials we have tested and result in good quality cutting or engraving.

Basic Knowledge

The darker the material, the better it absorbs laser light, therefore it can be cut/engraved faster.

Laser light is focused through the lens to one small spot, which has a density (cutting power) around 1-3 mm away from the bottom edge of toolhead. Adjust the Z-axis accordingly (try burning calibration pattern from LCD menu).

Bright materials bounce the laser light back, so engraving and cutting might be difficult or even impossible.



  • Suitable for both cutting and engraving.


  • Mainly for engraving, can be cut but no thicker than 1 mm.


  • Possible to cut and engrave.
  • Up to 2mm thickness that can be cut.
  • Emits a lot of fumes when burned.


  • Possible to cut.

Thin Gasket Materials

  • Possible to cut.

You can find more info about materials for laser cutting & engraving in the ZMorph Materials Library

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