Preparing The Copper Laminate Board

Firstly, we need to prepare the copper laminate board. The clean board is crucial for making working PCB. To clean out the board, we are going to use sandpaper and the solvent. After cleaning the board, we will spray it with a black matte spray.

1️⃣ Use the sandpaper on the copper laminate board to polish and smooth its surface.

2️⃣ After sanding the board, wipe it with the solvent. To do so use a cotton or a piece of cloth with a little amount of solvent on it.

3️⃣ The third step is covering the board with a layer of the matte black spray. It’s important to cover all the surface of the board with a thin layer of spray. After spraying leave the board for a couple of minutes for the paint to dry. Remember to do it in the well-ventilated room.

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