A PCB stands for the printed circuit board, a thin board made of fiberglass or other laminate material. The PCB is the base for supporting and connecting the soldered electronic components. You can find the PCBs in almost any electronic device on earth starting from the desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, video cameras, cars and so on.

In this section, we are going to teach you how to make your custom PCB. After finishing this section you’ll be able to construct your own printed circuit board using the FlatCAM software, Voxelizer, and ZMorph VX.

To complete the course make sure you have listed items:

Materials for making PCB

  1. Matte Black Spray
  2. Copper Laminate FR-4, thickness 1.6 mm
  3. Drill diameter 0.9 mm with 1/8" shaft diameter for 3,2 mm bracket
  4. Mill cutter diameter 1 mm with 1/8" shaft diameter for 3,2 bracket
  5. PCB Etcher
  6. 1 plastic box
  7. Sandpaper grit size 240/400
  8. Solvent e.g. Acetone or Benzine

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